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YGC Recoupling Awards 2024

The Global Solutions Initiative’s Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards (YGC Recoupling Awards) are designed to find, honor, and incentivize young people from around the globe who actively work to better align, or “recouple,” economic prosperity with environmental sustainability and the needs and demands of communities, societies, and individuals.

Requirements for YGC Recoupling Awards

Regardless of the category in which they apply, all applicants must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible:

  • Personal Only: Applications are only accepted from individuals. Only as its representative may you apply; as an organization, you cannot.
  • Leading Role: Individuals applying for projects or initiatives should hold a leading role in those endeavors. (This could be the initiator, project lead, co-founder, founder, or a role close to that.)
  • Strong English proficiency is required of participants in order for them to participate in group discussions and present their work to a jury and audience.
  • Age: Youth empowerment is the goal of the Young Global Changers program. The ideal age range for applicants is between 18 and 35.
  • Motivation: Applicants should demonstrate a desire to actively participate in a worldwide network that seeks to effect long-term change in the world.

YGC Recoupling Awards Application Method

An applicant who wants to join The Global Solutions Initiative’s “Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards” should click the apply link below.

Apply for YGC Recoupling Awards


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