How to make your Network Remain stable at 4G
How to make your network service stable with 4G.

Hello everyone today we gonna introduce you how to make your network service stable with 4G network which mean the network will not and never be down to 4G even if you are in a place of unstable network or having network problem, as you know sometime the network refuse to stay at 4G it come down to 3G or even 2G. But today we have found a solution to the above problem.

You need to possess some requirements.

A 4G LTE Airtel network, simcard.

Data into your Airtel simcard.

Install the ForceLTE 4G application in your phone.

You can get the application in playstore by searching ForceLTE or you can click on the below link to get it and install in your phone.

After you get the application in your phone saw the below picture to know how to set it up.

After you successfully get the application and open it you can see METHOD 1: (ANDROID BELOW 11) click on it
See the picture for better guidance.

Then you can see the picture above.

Select preferred network type, after it open click on LTE Only.

See the picture below.

After that you successfully set it you just open your data and start browsing unstoppable.

But if you want to make call or dial code in your phone with the Airtel simcard you set ForceLTE with you must return to the application and change the preferred network type from LTE Only to another one type.

Wish you best of luck

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