Significant Progress Made by the States and FCTDr. Obaje reported that the states and Abuja have made significant progress towards achieving the goals and objectives of the NG-CARES program. To ensure a smooth program launch, the Federal Government provided 35.3 billion Naira financial support to all 36 states and the Federal Capital Abuja in March 2022.In less than a year, the states and Abuja have made progress and produced results of 77.2 billion Naira, which has directly benefited more than two million people.Refunds Received by 29 States and FCTThe Federal Government has refunded 45.3 billion Naira to 29 states and Abuja. The three states that received the most optimistic refund are Zamfara State, Bauchi State, and Ondo State. This signifies progress in the battle against poverty in the country.Money Must Be Used in Accordance with the Financial Agreement and “Fund Release Policy”The National Coordinator has requested that the money released be used by the states and Abuja in accordance with the Financial Agreement and “Fund Release Policy” that both the states and Abuja have signed.Prince Clem Ikanade Agba, Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, has been complimented for providing essential federal leadership to coordinate and carry out the program throughout the states, the federal capital, state governments, and the federal government of Abuja.

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